How does the Tubematics system work?

Our housing system enables you to place your single board computer system anywhere you need. A simple but elegant construction of a lengthy tube pushed against itself with screws keeps the inside safe from dust and liquid. 

What is the housing made of?

We use VA2 stainless steel for the tube and fittings together with carbon reinforced composites (UV resistant). We can provide VA4 (salt water resistant) stainless steel if requested and for an additional charge. 

What can I use the housing for?

Currently we supply adapters with our Tubematics Housing Kits for Raspberry Pi  systems in conjunction with Raspberry Pi HQ Camera and the Raspberry Pi Camera v2. We also supply adapters for the Flir Blackfly S GigE camera series. If you require different hardware don’t hesitate to get in touch with us. A Beaglebone solution is currently the the design phase and further hardware platforms are in discussion. 

Can I use any any lens?

The longest tube in the series, the T721 case, provides 80mm of space (length) for a telescopic lens. The inside diameter of the tube is also a constraint at 66mm. Ultrawide fisheye lenses with angles of view of 120° and more will have their image cropped by the front glass holder.

Is the housing waterproof?

The design of the case is watertight as the holding screws apply pressure to seals which are compressed between the glass front and rear bulkhead and the main tube. The weakest point, as far as water is concerned, is the cable connection. The cables are passed through the bulkhead using a rubber grommet. The grommet has to fit to the size of the cable to provide protection up to IP68. The grommets are available for single cables of 4 to 10 mm diameter in 1 mm steps. If two cables are required the case provides a slightly less maximum protection of IP66.

Do prices include Import Tax / VAT?

The price includes VAT, please check with your local customs office for tax information in your country.

Do you ship to my country?

We ship to most countries worldwide, but please check our Shipping Policy for full information.

Are your products covered by warranty? 

All housings and accessories purchased at our website have a 2 year warranty. (excluding spare parts)