• How to use AI to remotely control a Raspberry PI camera

    The RPi-Cam-Web-Interface from Silvan Melchior and Robert Tidey does a fantastic job of accessing the PI camera hardware and streaming the images to a browser. The integrated motion detection is fine for many tasks, however, if on a windy day the background of an image changes rhythmically or the sun keeps hiding intermittently behind clouds, the motion detection settings can drive you nuts. With the PI on a network, the more elegant solution is to stream the images to a PC, classify them using inference and use the results to control the PI camera. The RPi software provides an API allowing us to do just that.

  • Launch of Tubematics Enclsoures for Vision Systems

    First version designed for the Raspberry PI   The first series of tubular enclosures are designed around the "PI format". T7XX enclosures have a 7...